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Why Support Work-Based Learning?

  • Build your future workforce by supporting educational alignment to business needs

  • Create relationships with your future, highly qualified employees and colleagues who are moving through their education

  • Participate in building the talent pipeline for your hard-to-fill positions

  • Support the economic future of the next generation

  • Build community and relationships through students and their families


How do internships work?

Each school has a unique internship program, it's what makes different education models so special! 

Internships Timeline.jpeg

Junior LINK Internship

  • All juniors, every year

  • Full time for 3 weeks in April/May

  • 90-120 hours required in internship

  • Includes LINK Internship Project

  • In Durango area/Remote/Travel

Due to circumstances such as study abroad or COVID-19, some juniors have been unable to intern in spring and may pursue Junior LINK at other times.

Senior LINK 2.0 

  • Optional for motivated seniors

  • Timing depends classes, often evenings, weekends and free periods

  • 60 hours required

  • Includes LINK 2.0 Internship Project





9th-12th grades LTI Internship

  • All students, every year

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays during school hours, September-May

  • 150 hours annually

  • Includes LTI Internship Project

  • In Durango area/Remote

  • Requires Informational Interview and Job Shadow before internship may begin


Career & Technical Education

Internship 1.0

  • By student choice

  • Mornings or afternoons

  • 60-120 hours/semester

  • Includes Project

  • In Durango area/Remote

CTE Internship

  • Capstone experience for students who have been pursuing a CTE pathway

  • For students who have extensive experience in the industry

More ways to get involved: 

Host a Site Visit

Group activity increasing awareness of your industry by showing students your workspace and some of your projects

Host a Job Shadow

Individual student activity to further support the refinement of career interests and educational goals

Classroom Integration

Support students and teachers to connect their learning to the world of work through classroom presentations or project collaboration

Do an Informational Interview

Short phone call with an individual student so they may learn more about your career path

Resume, Cover Letter, and Mock Interview Workshops

Support students and teachers to connect their learning to the world of work through classroom presentations or project collaboration

Join the BEC Advisory Committee

Represent your industry while supporting the BEC to grow school programs

Work-Based Learning in Colorado

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Intern teaching at The Vault

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