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Supporting Student Career Exploration & Preparation

How can I support my student's internship?

  • Familiarize yourself with the program by reviewing the Student and Parent Handbook

  • Consider how you have career conversations with your student and work to come from a place of support and curiosity. Difficult as it is, try to set your goals for your student's success aside and focus on what they are experiencing and learning about themselves

  • Review how to have a Career Conversation

  • Watch your email inbox for approval messages from Transeo so that your student can progress with confirming an internship

  • Reach out if you have ANY questions or concerns!  


What is TRANSEO? 

Transeo is the student platform for finding and tracking work-based learning opportunities that are currently available with the BEC. Ask your student to show you their login! Parents, please watch for emails from "" so you can sign off on their opportunities.


Having a Career Conversation

Career Conversations
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